Jesse Stratton grew up in Westfield, NY. A voracious reader as a child, he purchased a paperback copy of "Spawn of Cthulhu" from the local library's book sale based on the spooky cover art and fell in love with horror after reading it. Inspired by the tenants of Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction, he aspires to create nightmarish narratives that are grounded in a plausible reality and utlizes the realistic backdrop of his stories to explore the beautiful complexities of the human condition. In addition to his work as a novelist, he is also a screenwriter. He co-wrote the feature film "37: A Final Promise" with actor Randall Battinkoff. When he is not writing, he works as a Key Grip in the motion picture industry. He resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife two step children, and their dog.


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