Horror Lands In 2024


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Laura Degan foolishly thought her darkest days were behind her. After fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her little girl, Kayce, five years ago, she has since created a new life for herself as a dedicated and well-liked nurse practitioner at Hensley Hospital's pediatric ward. But when an unmarked package, containing a gift for Kayce, arrives on her porch, Laura realizes her nightmare isn't over. Michael, the man whom she had loved, whom she had lived in fear of, whom she had fled to save the life of their child, has found them once more. And he wants his little girl.

But he isn't alone. Even as paranoia and the traumas of her past reawaken in her once more, strange events begin to afflict Laura's young patients in the childrens ward. Despite the skepticism of her coworkers, Laura begins to believe the children in her care are being visited by a mysterious and malevolent entity that the children seem hesitant to speak of. Worse, Laura fears this otherworldly thing has fixated on her own daughter with deadly intent. With no one else willing to believe her far-fetched claims and with nowhere to run, Laura must find it within herself to stand and face two very different monsters as they converge on her little family to take from her the only thing that matters — her daughter.


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